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Cars and ?

Title: Cars and ?
Location: Bel Villaggio center (look at google placemark)
Link out: Click here
Description: Saturday morning monthly meeting at the Bel Villaggio center
Start Time: 7:00AM
Date: Sept. 5th, 2020
End Time: 10:00AM



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  1. Justin,
    Thanks for keeping me up to date on happenings down there. I miss our weekend ventures. My ears are still ringing from following Ron’s various Lambo’s out to Carlsbad and Laguna!
    Life up here in Rogue River is at a slower pace. We do have a Cobra in the area, and I saw one Lambo on the freeway last year. The Shrike now has its own garage (will post on the website soon), and perhaps will get an overdue teardown and spruce up this winter.
    Hullo to all, and Cheers!

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